It certainly looks like we'll be mostly at home for the next few months,  While there can be many good and nurturing things about that, having your own personal space there for work or other needs can be a challenge.  

Below are some guilt-free,easy and efficient tips to do  just that --big or small.  By following the LPE Rule (Lighting, Personalization and Efficiency) you'll be amazed at what you can accomplish.

LIGHTING – Good illumination is key.  

Try to be close to a window.  Natural sunlight is your source of vitamin D, it’s mood-boosting and it’s relaxing.  Remember to always have a table lamp or ample lighting nearby for work and comfort.  This will help eliminate related eye strain, headache and known or unknown stress. 

PERSONALIZATION – Include home decor accessories that say you.

 Home accessories such as a decor pillow, plants, pictures, etc. that are easily identified as belonging to you.  Routinely place your beautiful pink or bold stripe pillow to the same area and it will soon be seen as yours. 

EFFICIENCY– Multi-purpose, space saving and mobile furniture add to the value of any space. 

Yours can be a separate home office or the corner of a room - its efficient use makes all the difference.  For instance, using a compact laptop holder that fits comfortably in your lap.  See Amazon for some nice ones.

As you know, it's important to make your home decor environment as empowering and reflective as possible because it affects your happiness and productivity.   Making it beautiful, personal and function well with the right design and accessories is key.


Thank you for letting me share these essential home decor accessories and interior design tips.  Most importantly. we can also share in the proof of our coming together to make it through this time of social and political upheaval, even more loving and resilient.   Today, realizing the importance of home, health and humanity more than ever.  


Contact me at any time with any questions or comments.  I truly love to hear from you. 

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